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Collagen powder
Lemon juice, Pineapple juice, Ginger juice

Recommended for:

  • Individuals with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis or with family history of arthritis diseases
  • Individuals with intense exercise
  • Workers whose occupation require frequernt use of joint, such as construction workers, athletes, nurses and housekeepers
  • Individuals who wish to prevent cartilage injury and wear-off such as obese individuals or elderly

Those who are experiencing joint problems such as:

  • Joint pain
  • Joint tenderness/stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Loss of flexibility/range of mot
  • Bone spur
  • Grating sensation

Recommended Dosage:

2 sachets daily. Recommended to take 1 sachet in the morning before meal and 1 sachet at night before sleep.

Pour contents directly into mouth.

Supplement for Joint Health | Supplement for Joint Pain Malaysia



What is Shine J-Care® Duo?

Shine J-Care® Duo is a mixed juice powder containing type II collagen powder and ginger juice.

Shine J-Care® Duo contains two well-researched active ingredients - KollaGen II-xs and Acujoint, which are proven beneficial for people suffering from degenerative joint problems including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


How does Shine J-Care® Duo help in maintaining my joint health?

Action of Shine J-Care® Duo:

KollaGen II-xs

  • Supplies important nutrients to rebuild cartilage.

  • Stimulates chondrocytes metabolism to increase collagen biosynthesis within the cartilage.


  • Inhibits inflammatory pathway.


What are KollaGen II-xs™ and Acujoint?

KollaGen II-xs

  • Patented avian sternal collagen type II hydrosylate
  • Extracted using proprietary water extraction technology which preserves important nutrients for repairing damaged cartilage
  • Contains perfect blend of naturally occurring chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and collagen type II protein which are the important building blocks of joint's cartilage
  • Low molecular weight for better absorption
  • Proven effective by clinical studies


  • A unique blend of natural herbal extracts: Curcuminoids, bio AKBA, beta caryophyllene, and alpinia galangal
  • Made by innovative patent pending Polar-Nonpolar-Sandwich (PNS) Technology to ensure bioactive components are well protected
  • Rejuvenates joint cartilage by inhibiting inflammatory pathway
  • Clinically proven to improve joint pain and stiffness effectively


Storage Conditions:

Store at temperature below 30°C. Protect from light and moisture.

Keep out of reach of children.



2g x 30 sachets




bone-1 Stiff, Osteoarthritis
bone-2 Osteopenia, Calcium, Coffee, Fracture

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