Shine Growell 90’s capsule

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Each capsule contains

PanaxQuinquefoliumL. Radix Extract – 50mg
Gastrodia Elata Blume Rhizome Extract – 30mg
AstragalusMembranaceus(Fisch) AstragaliRadix Extract – 70mg
PanaxNotoginsengF.H Chen Leave Extract – 40mg
Polygala TenuifoliaWilldenowRadix Extract – 40mg
OcimumGratissimumL.Herba Extract – 70mg
Houttuynia Cordata Thunberg Herba Extract – 50mg
Poria Cocos (Schw.) Wolf. Sclerotium Extract – 40mg
Euryale FeroxSalisb. Seed Extract – 60mg
AtractylodesMacrocephalaKoidzRhizome Extract – 50mg

Shine Growell 90’s capsule

Shine Growell Capsule is formulated according to the principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine, nourishes and regulates growing teenagers' body.

Package: 90’s capsules

Dosage: Consume 2 capsules 3 times daily before meals




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