Shine Vitamin C-100 Chewable Tablet (Orange Flavour)


A highly antioxidative dietary supplement in orange flavour that is used to help boosts children’s immune system.

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VITAMIN C-100 is vitamin C specially formulated for kid. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, helps to heal wounds, bruises and fractures. It also boosts the immune system, maintains healthy bone, teeth, gums, red blood cells and blood vessels as well as reduces the risks of chronic disease. Signs of Vitamin C deficiency include inflamed gums, slow wound healing, stomach disorders and reduced resistance to cold, infections and skin problems. Children are advised to take vitamin C as supplement due to inadequate daily intake of fruits and vegetables.


Each chewable tablet contains:

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid and Sodium Ascorbate) – 100mg


Indications:  As a dietary or food supplement



·         A water soluble antioxidant vitamin

·         Sugar-free with delicious orange flavor

·         Helps improving body immune system and disease prevention

·         Suitable for children as a health supplement


Dosage and Administration:    1-2 tablets to be chewed, 1-3 times daily


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