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Visimax is a combination of three main ingredients including eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis), FlosSophora and Radix Salviae.


During the 14th century, eyebright was described as the source of ‘precious water to clear a man’s sight and it has anti-bacterial properties.


Visimax provides elasticity and resilency to optical nerves, fights infection such as conjuctivititis, ophthalmia; and relieves discomfort due to eye straining, stinging and oversensitivity to light. Those are blue collar, outdoor sportmen, computer users etc are highly recommended to use this product.


Each capsule contains:

Herba Euphrasia officinalis – 100mg

Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae – 100mg

Flos Sophora Japonica – 50mg



·         Traditionally used for healthy and clear vision

·         Blue Collar workers, golfers, outdoor sportmen with prolonged exposure to sunlight

·         Those who wish to relieveeye discomfort due to allergy, conjunctivitis, cold and flu.



·         Natural herbal preparation for eyes protection.

·         Triple actions: maintain eyes function, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.


Dosage and Administration: 2 capsules.2 times daily.


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