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Urell is an extract from the juice of cranberry Vaccinium Macrocarpon Ait. and is clinically proven as a prophylaxis treatment for recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Each capsule contains standardized 36 mg proanthocyanidin (PAC), a powerful phytonutrient that blocks harmful bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall. The bacteria are instead flushed out in the urine stream before they can do any harm. Thus, urell protects you from harmful bacteria and painful UTIs.

“One urell capsule a day, keeps your UTI away”

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  • Proprietary extraction from the juice of Vaccinium Macrocarpon Ait.
  • Minimum efficacious dosage of 36 mg PACs
  • High bioactivity of bacterial anti-adhesion activity
  • PAC quantification by DMAC/A2 (a world validated method for PACs)
  • Imported from France

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