Shine Ocubright



  • Halal


  • Xanmax ® – 100mg
  • Billberry Extract 25% – 750mg

Direction of usage:

Mix 1 sachet (2.5g) with 150mL of water, stir well and consume directly

Pack size:

20 sachets

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Shine Ocubright

Shine Ocubright Features

Increases the concentration of eye nutrients in the lens, retina and macula, leading to healthier eyesight and clearer vision.

Protects the eyes against harmful light and thereby lowering the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

Improve light sensitivity and glare recovery.

Recommended for individuals with:

  • Dry/fatigue & Irritated eyes
  • Poor eyesight & night vision
  • Prolonged exposure to electronic devices
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Long hours driving & reading
  • Contact lens users
  • Active in outdoors activities
  • Routinely exposed under sunlight

Why Buy Shine Ocubright ?


Clinically-Tested Eye Nutrients

Xanmax® (USA patented) is a natural and unique combination of free form lutein and zeaxanthin extracted from carefully selected Marigold plants. Clinically proven able to increase macular pigment density in 180 days for healthier eyes.


Higher Bioavailability

Small molecule size of free form lutein and zeaxanthin enables faster absorption as it does not required enzymes to break down in the body. Therefore, it is recommended for elderly who is lacking of enzymes in food digestion.


Safe for Consumption

It does not contain any artificial colouring, fat, added sugar and preservatives. Also, lutein and zeaxanthin were extracted by using a safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly technology.