Shine Essucare 90’s


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Product Mechanism:

  • Strengthens immune system and relieves symptoms of chronic pain and numbness
  • Regulates body ‘yin’ and ‘yang’, promotes blood circulation, increases body metabolism, boosts stamina.
  • Improves function of spleen and stomach, regulates heaty and dump body constitution

Product Features:

  • Combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and herbal medicine
  • Formulates with 100% natural herbs
  • Manufactured under GMP approved facilities
  • Passed test for heavy meals, pesticides, and microorganisms
  • Naturopathic medicine regulates and harmonizes body constitution
  • Meticulously selected herbs-native species from its place of origin, harvested at fixed season
  • Vegetable capsule
  • No side effects

Product Benefits:

  • Nourishes blood and ‘Qi’
  • Relaxes muscle and promotes circulation
  • Promotes body metabolism


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