Shine Elgucare®


• US FDA approved, clinically studied formula made from 100% natural herbs using the latest micron technology to facilitate better absorption.
• Traditionally used for relieving waist ache and backache and to maintain general spine health.
• Recommended for senior citizens who have less physical activity and those with sports injury such as soreness or muscle pain.

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Elgucare Capsule is a supplement formulated from herbs traditionally used for relieving waist ache and backache. Soreness and numbness around the limbs are mostly caused by spinal disorders, symptoms that persist for a long time will gradually affect our organ functions and cause difficulties in limb and body movements. The main pharmacological effects are dilating the blood vessels to improve blood circulation, restoring the fibro-elastic potential of vertebral cartilages and improving immune system.
Each capsule contains:
Radix Astragalus Membranaceous – 210mg
Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizea – 45mg
Radix Glycyrrhiza Glabra – 20mg
Herba Lycopodium Clavatum – 35mg
Rhizoma Polygonati Officinalis – 35mg
Radix Paederia Scandens (lour.)Merrill – 35mg
Fructus Zizyphi Jujubae – 120mg
Indication: Traditionally used for relieving waist ache and backache.
  • Made of natural herbs and contains no excipients
  • A super micro-powder using latest technology to improve and speed up its absorption in our body
  • Superior safety and effectiveness proven, suitable for everyday use without side-effects
Dosage & Administration:
  • For treatment purpose: 2 capsules 3 times daily before meal.
  • As food supplement:1 capsule 3 times daily before meal.
Warning: It is not recommended for women to take the product during the first 2 days of menses.


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