Shine Cutie Chewable Tablet (Strawberry Flavour)


A highly antioxidative dietary supplement in strawberry flavour added with lysine that is used to help boosts children’s immune system and improve children’s appetite.

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SHINE Cutie chewable tablet contains vitamin C, an essential nutrient as well as Lysine, which helps to promote children’s appetite. Vitamin C deficiency is detrimental to immune function, resulting in reduced resistance to some pathogens and immune related diseases such as cold and flu. Children especially, should take vitamin C to boost up their immune system.


Each Chewable Tablet contains:

Vitamin C – 30mg

Lysine HCL – 25mg


Indications:  As a dietary or food supplement



·         Contains an essential amino acid (L-Lysine) to boost up children’s appetite

·         Sugar-free with strawberry flavor

·         Helps improving body immune system and disease prevention


Dosage and Administration:  Above 1 year of age: 1-2 tablets to be chewed daily


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