Shine Bio A.C.E. with Selenium F.C. Tablet


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Bio A.C.E with Selenium Tablet is a combination of antioxidants including natural mixed carotenoids, vitamin C, natural vitamin E and selenium.


These essential nutrients provide you with daily antioxidant protection.


Each capsule contains:

Betatene 10% – 60mg

Vitamin C – 250mg

Vitamin E – 50 I.U

Selenium – 50mcg



·         Poor vision

·         As dietary supplement for inadequate fruits and vegetables intake

·         Under stress either physically or mentally

·         Living in a polluted environment

·         Diabetic patient

·         Elderly people

·         Catch cold easily



·         Complete formula for antioxidant properties

·         Natural source of mixture of carotenoids for better absorption

·         Fortified with selenium, an essential antioxidant mineral


Dosage & Administration: 1 capsules per day for 3-4 month


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