DermaAid Scar Gel Junior​

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  • Onion (Allium cepa) bulb extract
  • Purslane (Portulaca oleracea) extract
  • Perilla (Perilla frustencens) leaf extract
  • Beach morning glory (Ipomoea pes-caprea) extract
  • Methylsilanol hydroxyproline aspartate

Direction of usage:

  • Suitable for children aged 2 years and above
  • Apply the gel onto the targeted area 3 to 4 times daily
  • Apply only when a wound is closed, scab has dropped off and stitches are removed
  • Do not use on open wound with wet surface and mucosa membrane (eyes and inner lips)

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  1. Shelly (verified owner)

    Couldn’t find a product to help to reduce the itchiness of mosquito bite until I used this. Work wonder for my baby boy.

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