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Allertoin cream series is specially designed to provide an alternative management for all types of skin problems such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis without the use of cortisone. With its active ingredient Ectoin®, it is definitely the life saviour that helps people who suffers from dryness, itchiness and inflammation due to allergens.


DermaAid® is a valued brand which is committed to provide steroid-free and paraben-free scar removal solution. DermaAid Scar Gel, in a combination of natural herbal extracts and silicone derivative, has been well-researched to be safe and effective in scars prevention.


Kokoyoyo® series are enriched with multivitamins that is specifically designed for growing kids and malnourished children. Children are important assets for the future and thus, their health is inarguably of utmost importance.  KOKOYOYO® believes in nourishing children’s health by supplementing the necessary vitamins to support their daily growth and development. Being a child-centered brand, KOKOYOYO offers delicious multivitamins supplements for your little ones to kick start the day!


Medex™ consists a range of medical devices marketed by Y.S.P SAH which complies strictly to the requirements of Medical Device Authority (MDA), assuring that the medical devices supplied to our customers are of high in quality.


The Liver Health Essential

By holding the principle of delivering safe and effective products via incorporating synergistic, clinically-studied ingredients in a single formulation, Proliverin® series is specially formulated for targeting liver health problems with no side effects in long term consumption.

Moreover, Proliverin® series is manufactured via advanced solid state fermentation and unique extraction technology to ensure the active ingredients are in high quality and are well-extracted.