KOKOYOYO® series are enriched with multivitamins that is specifically designed for growing kids and malnourished children. Children are important assets for the future and thus, their health is inarguably of utmost importance. KOKOYOYO® believes in nourishing children’s health by supplementing the necessary vitamins to support their daily growth and development. Being a child-centered brand, KOKOYOYO® offers delicious multivitamins supplements for your little ones to kick start the day!

Kokoyoyo A+mune

Kokoyoyo Enermune

KOKOYOYO Vitasip Apple Vitamin C + Zn RM20.00

KOKOYOYO Vitasip Orange Multivitamin RM20.00

Kokoyoyo® E1.0 Crispy Jelly Bean Grape RM19.90 

​Kokoyoyo® S200 Chewable Crispy Jelly Bean Candy Orange RM19.90

Kokoyoyo® Vita-C Gummies (Mixed Fruits Flavour)