Functional Food

Chemical substances such as preservatives and additives are commonly found in modern era food, with junk food and unhealthy snacks dominating a big part of the food and beverage industry. Eating a healthy and clean diet becomes increasingly difficult. Shine Functional Food Series provide a range of food products targeted to improve overall or specific health functions of individuals.

Shine Soy Milk

A healthy milk drink that acts as an important source of protein especially for vegetarians.
Soy has been indicated to have an important role in regulating cardiovascular health.
Isoflavones in soy beans help to lower cholesterol and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.
-Non-GMO soy beans
-No sugar added
-100% peeled organic soy beans
-Added with prebiotics
-Suitable for vegetarians

Shine Goat Milk

Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Especially recommended for individuals with lactose intolerance, cow’s milk allergy, poor digestion and malnutrition.
Prebiotics and probiotics added further help to boost digestive health and help individuals to absorb nutrients and minerals more efficiently.
-From Netherlands
-Added with prebiotics and probiotics

Shine Oat Milk

Rich in fibre, proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Helps to promote cardiovascular health and also digestive health.
Contains flaxseed oil which is high in omega 3 fatty acid that is anti-inflammatory and also aids in lowering cholesterol levels.
Added with a natural source of calcium, seaweed calcium that helps the development of bones and teeth.
-From Finland
-Organic oat
-No sugar added
-Suitable for vegetarians

Shine Supreme Barley Oat

A healthy drink containing a proprietary blend of high quality brown rice, barley and oat which are rich in fibre and beta-glucan.  Helps to regulate high cholesterol, high blood sugar and high blood pressure.
-Premium oat from Sweden
-Patented Swedish technology ensures better solubility
-No sugar added
-No flavouring agent
-Suitable for vegetarians

Shine Wholesome Multigrain Drink

Formulated according to Traditional Chinese Remedy using a variety of beneficial ingredients to help replenish daily wholesome needs.
Each ingredient is specially selected to replenish a designated organ to give a complete and wholesome drink.
Helps to regulates blood glucose level, lowers cholesterol level, promotes digestive health and maintains good eye health.
-100% Natural
-Lactose free
-No sugar added
-Suitable for vegetarians