FontActiv® diaBest is a complete nutrition formula specially formulated for diabetics to help achieve better control of blood glucose. It is enriched with prebiotic fibre and dextrin. It is formulated with isomaltulose, an active carbohydrate that provides a slow energy release. FontActiv® diaBest is also rich in whey protein, which helps maintain muscle mass and contains omega-3 (LA) and 28 vitamins and minerals.

Features of FontActiv® diaBest:

✓ European quality

✓ Low Glycemix Index (GI = 37)

✓ Recommended by American Diabetes Association (ADA) and European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD)

✓ Clinically proven effective in improving weight, body mass index, fat free mass index, and hand-grip strength

✓ Best flavour

✓ Free from sucrose, fructose, gluten