How to Deal with Dry, Irritated Hand due to COVID 19 Preventive Hand Hygiene?

 How to Deal with Dry, Irritated Hand due to COVID 19 Preventive Hand Hygiene?

As COVID-19 pandemic continues to infect globally, the authorities have repeatedly emphasized on regular hand washing or sanitizing which is one of the most effective ways to contain the spread. Dry or irritated skin is indeed a price to pay for this crucial preventive health safety measure against COVID-19 infection.

Scrubbing our hands for at least 20 seconds or using alcohol-based hand sanitizers with over 60% alcohol content are one of the most recommended methods to eliminate germs and viruses on our hands. However, over-washing or sanitizing in conjunction with under-moisturizing sometimes may cause our skin to be dried up, irritated and flaring up of eczema frequently. The skin barrier is made up of protective lipid layer which is responsible for binding in moisture and preventing bacteria or viruses from penetrating into the skin’s surface. When skin becomes dehydrated, this could cause breakouts, irritation and leave us more susceptible to infection.

The benefits of proper hand hygiene outweigh the cons of dry irritated skins. But, it is recommended to take preventive measure to moisturize our hands after washing them especially those with dry hands or eczema. Use hand soap that is gentle and fragrance-free. Apply emollient or moisturizer after each wash can definitely reduce the irritating effects or flaring up of skin conditions. We need to keep the skin nourished to form a protective layer to shield our skin.

Creams are definitely a superior choice as compared to lotions. They are generally good in sealing moisture and having higher oil-based content. Conversely, lotions are mainly water-based and it evaporated quickly and further drying up our skins. Lotions often contain fragrance and preservatives which are not helpful to protect our hands.

 “I have dry hand problems. Especially during this COVID-19 season, my hands are becoming irritated with hand sanitizers. Allertoin Intensive Hand Cream is really helpful and leaving my hands soft with non-greasy texture,’ says Dr. Chan (Medical Officer).

Choose a cream that is free from steroid, preservative and fragrance. Apply it each time after hand wash or shower to keep your skin intact. With Allertoin Cream series from Germany, let’s keep our skin healthy and stay protected always!

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